Quietly languishing in obscurity, AE Bridger has been releasing independently-produced records and DIY music videos since 2008. As a self-taught multi-instrumentalist, Bridger’s idiosyncratic approach to creating music is nakedly intuitive, resulting in an individualistic style that challenges genre and medium, drawing influence from film, visual art and the primitive aesthetics of ‘outsider music.’

Originally hailing from the foggy music mecca of St. John’s, Newfoundland, Bridger has been performing for the past several years fronting Montreal based psych-rock band People On Pause, performing countless shows with Montreal locals such as COUNTRY and Year of Glad, as well as Newfoundland touring acts Repartee and Steve Maloney. AE’s fifth solo record “Sculpin XO” was released independently on January 1st, 2015 and has been described as “not the kind of record you put on for a casual listen.” More recently, AE Bridger’s live shows have shifted away from the rock-oriented style of his earlier work, employing an intimate acoustic trio of accordion, viola and trumpet, elegantly fusing influences as disparate as Gregorian chant, free-jazz and traditional Newfoundland music.


“Its densely coiled layers and primitive sound makes Sculpin XO feel like a long-lost, experimental field recording, or an alternate-universe radar transmission picked up by a vintage Silvertone transistor radio.”

– Quick Before It Melts

“I never listen to anything, but I clicked on it and it held my attention to the end. I was also laughing out loud… Sounds like you got a little lazy in parts.”

John French, drummer/arranger for Captain Beefheart