I just released a new EP of covers, entitled “Covers.” It was recorded at Memorial University in St. John’s towards the end of the summer. I would consider these to be the finest recordings available of what I’ve been getting into recently. My relationship with music is rapidly changing. I don’t know when I will be getting on a stage again. I played a great show on Friday of last week. I loved it. Where I go from here remains to be seen. This EP is a fine example of the practice and investment that my collaborators and I put in to refining this approach over the summer of 2016.

Montreal Album Launch Soon Come… and I also got nominated for an award.

I am wrapping up a short run of tour dates, tagging along with Steve Maloney on stops in Toronto, Guelph, Saint Andrews and Moncton, and I am very pleased to announce that I’m going to be doing a nice fancy album launch event for “Museum” in my second hometown of Montreal, Quebec. The show is on September 17th at Glass Door Gallery and will also feature a set by Justin Wright’s Music for Keeping Warm.

I was also nominated for a shiny new MusicNL Award in the Folk/Roots Category. I never really considered myself a folk musician, but I am honoured nonetheless by the acknowledgement; the fact that it doesn’t really seem to fit hopefully speaks more to the genreless-ness of the music than it does to me being a narcissistic dork (which I am). I am excited to join in the celebration of Newfoundland musical culture by heading to Bonavista for a showcase during MusicNL Week with my Void Boy Squad…. Congrats to the other nominees and I’ll see you all there!