I just released a new EP of covers, entitled “Covers.” It was recorded at Memorial University in St. John’s towards the end of the summer. I would consider these to be the finest recordings available of what I’ve been getting into recently. My relationship with music is rapidly changing. I don’t know when I will be getting on a stage again. I played a great show on Friday of last week. I loved it. Where I go from here remains to be seen. This EP is a fine example of the practice and investment that my collaborators and I put in to refining this approach over the summer of 2016.

Montreal Album Launch Soon Come… and I also got nominated for an award.

I am wrapping up a short run of tour dates, tagging along with Steve Maloney on stops in Toronto, Guelph, Saint Andrews and Moncton, and I am very pleased to announce that I’m going to be doing a nice fancy album launch event for “Museum” in my second hometown of Montreal, Quebec. The show is on September 17th at Glass Door Gallery and will also feature a set by Justin Wright’s Music for Keeping Warm.

I was also nominated for a shiny new MusicNL Award in the Folk/Roots Category. I never really considered myself a folk musician, but I am honoured nonetheless by the acknowledgement; the fact that it doesn’t really seem to fit hopefully speaks more to the genreless-ness of the music than it does to me being a narcissistic dork (which I am). I am excited to join in the celebration of Newfoundland musical culture by heading to Bonavista for a showcase during MusicNL Week with my Void Boy Squad…. Congrats to the other nominees and I’ll see you all there!



New Website, New Album, New You

It’s been a crazy past-couple-of-weeks! On July 9th, I did an outdoor show in front of the LSPU Hall in celebration of the release of Museum, my new album. The show literally transported the audience; we had a funeral marching band of horns parading down Duckworth Street to The Ship where the carnage continued. Thanks so much to all the publications which have already covered the album launch!!

Museum is available for purchase directly through me, or at Fred’s Records in St. John’s. It can be streamed only via YouTube, in the form of a “visual album” developed by me and Julien Bouthillier. By “visual album,” I am referring specifically to a unusually long music video that accompanies the entire album. As CBC said, this is my “Lemonade.” Please let me know what you think! In the mean time, please check out this awesome new website that Josh Bourden built with his bare hands. Make yourself at home! Take off your coat and stay awhile!